WGT Winter Series 2020

Welcome to the Winter Grand Tour (WGT), in association with Welsh Triathlon:

Winter Series is a GO!

We are now 2 rounds into the 9 round competition and the racing has been super-close across all categories. There’s now a ‘weekend off’ for racers before we head to Watopia and the first big hill of the series : the Epic Kom. Rider’s will have all their Zwift skills tested in this one, from the explosive start, the drafting flats, the climb up the epic kom and then descending into the jungle as we head past the hour mark and see who has the best legs.

Check out the results page for the current standings and race reports.

The main aims for the winter series are for people to enjoy safe racing online, but also some legitimate competition with riders from other tri clubs. Welsh Triathlon will be joined by zwifters from Triathlon Scotland in this two-nation series. Do your clubs and countries proud!

The next race is November 28th: Watopia, Bigger Loop (53km).



2020 Winter Series fixtures:

We kick things off with back-to-back racing weekends. After that we will generally revert to racing every other weekend – avoiding boxing day. All fixtures are Saturdays at 10:05 GMT. Links to the races will be emailed out in the week before each fixture. Races will last between 45 mins – 2hrs in total. There will be both mass starts and category-split fixtures:

  • Rd 1: Nov. 7th: London 8 x 2 laps (40km), category split A-D (points of interest: Box Hill x 2) Zwift Power results
  • Rd 2: Nov. 14th : Douce France (35km), draft disabled (Note: select a TT bike in-game) Zwift Power results
  • Rd 3: Nov. 28th : Bigger Loop (53km), category split A-D (point of interest: Epic KOM)
  • Rd 4: December 12th
  • Rd 5: December 19th
  • Rd 6: January 2nd
  • Rd 7: January 16th
  • Rd 8: January 30th
  • Final round: February 13th

The series is 9 rounds in length, with your best 6 scores to count (you must score in 6 rounds for a valid overall score). A big “thank you” to 3R for letting us join their race slot on Saturday. Find out more about 3R here

Winter Grand Tour details

  • You will be competing in Zwift race categories, both as individuals, for your tri clubs and also for your home nations: It’s the saltires vs the dragons!
  • All abilities are welcome from race cats A-D
  • If you go up a category mid-series you cannot take points with you – if you’re on the cusp of the category above, move up
  • There will be prizes on offer from both home nations, for the top 3 in each category, for men and women
  • We are pleased to welcome back our summer series sponsor: Clifton Coffee

    • their coffee tastes great, they source 95% of it direct from origin and will once again be rewarding those podium positions. There will be a choice of beans, ground or capsules from a variety of sources and coffee-growing co-operatives
    • Find out more about Clifton Coffee
  • Join the Facebook group for results, team collages, race updates, and plenty of friendly chat between clubs
  • Updates will also be on Twitter using the hashtag #wintergrandtour
  • All riders must be registered on Zwift power . This will be the SOLE source of race results so entering the correct race categories and being signed up is key. See more in “signing up” below
  • If you want extra Zwift geek points your clubs are encouraged to choose the same in-game jersey¬† 😎
  • Sign up via your team captain, or to get your triathlon club involved just drop me an email. Registration details are below.

Output / performance validation

Zwift is a game, and whilst we expect some minor variations in virtual race performances, we want the series results to be as fair as possible for all competitors. There will be a 4-tier system of performance validation in place and everyone has a role to play:

  1. As an individual: Check your bodyweight is accurate, and up-to-date on Zwift and ZwiftPower. Also make sure you regularly calibrate your trainer
  2. As a club-mate: Check your performances against other athletes you know and race/train with. If there are huge disparities, there’s obviously something wrong, so get it sorted and let us know
  3. Video weigh-ins: these will start after 3 rounds. Podium occupants will be selected at random and requested to produce pre-race weigh in videos. These only take a few minutes and have worked well in the past. They are private and deleted after verification.
  4. Team challenges: Ideally we don’t want things to get this far, but if two different teams challenge the same rider’s metrics, further action will be taken and that rider will need to validate their performances by either using a secondary power source or another method


If you’ve raced the WGT before, it’s worth having a quick read. You may need to provide additional information to be eligible for prizes.

For those new to the WGT, a big welcome. Your Saturday mornings will never be the same again! You can sign up individually, or ideally via your club captain / directeur sportif. If you are signing up bulk entries, please complete this via Excel and email it over. Thank you, and see you in Zwift soon.

Sign-up here

For those who won prizes for the Summer Series, check out the brew guide from our friends at Clifton Coffee. We look forward to seeing a Clifton Race Team at the winter series.