Winter Grand Tour series – how to sign up

Winter Grand Tour series

So how do you sign up? The good news is, it’s super-simple and everyone is welcome, you just need to follow the instructions below: This can be done individually, or by your triathlon club captain / directeur sportif:

  • email Henry at ku.oc1632451955.liam1632451955toh@g1632451955ninia1632451955rt.ss1632451955entif1632451955 with the following:
    • your name
    • your club  (if applicable)
    • your membership number for your home nation (eg. Welsh Triathlon, Triathlon Scotland, Triathlon England) – you must be signed up to a governing body to be eligible for prizes
    • DOB and your age as it will be on 31 Dec 2020
    • your current body weight (taken as your ‘racing’ weight – in the morning, before racing)
    • your turbo trainer model
    • your FTP if known
    • (your email address)

Other important pointers:

  • A reminder to ensure you are logging HR data during your races
  • Zwift Power – riders must be signed up to Zwift Power  This links to your Zwift account for the results. You need to add the letters “WGT” somewhere after your name so we can track your results post-event. You only need to do this once.
  • Race Cats A-D – all abilities are welcome! Please read the race rules carefully and enter the correct category based on your Watts/KG. If you’ve never raced on Zwift before it would be a good idea to do a few short ‘test’ events. Some races will be mass starts. Some will be split by category.
  • Sign up to the event using the Companion App (links will be posted nearer the event start date)
  • Maxiumum of 300 entrants per home nation – first come, first served basis

…and finally, once you’re happy with all the above, you can focus on the exciting bit – the racing!

Ride on and enjoy the series!