Zwift: Welsh Grand Tour – April 2020

What’s the deal? Everyone has trained hard over the winter, we’re all now in isolation and there are no races for the time being, we can’t even watch the Giro.

The Grand Tour idea is this:
  • A Zwift Race Series of 8 events ranging from short, flat stages and TTs, to long, hilly epics in a Grand Tour format.
  • Individual (GC standings) for men and women plus KOM and QOM
  • Tri Club Team Standings – taking the top 4 cumulative rider times
  • It’s totally FREE but riders must be registered with Zwift and on Zwiftpower for results. All metrics taken on good faith.
  • Starts Saturday April 4th with individual TT, with 1 event per week so everyone can continue with other training and club commitments
  • Want to get involved? The more the merrier. All we need initially is an email from your main club contact (now your directeur sportif) to say you want in. Further details will then be emailed out so we can get full rider start lists for men and women (email Henry: )