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WGT was created during the first COVID lockdown, back in April 2020. The first competition was based on time, similar to the GC in a cycling grand tour, and saw almost 200 Welsh triathletes taking part. Our first WGT winners were Frances Owen and Ben Goodfellow – both of Wrecsam Tri club.

Since then, we’ve ‘enjoyed’ racing over four more series, including the first ever Welsh Triathlon Virtual National Champs), a Winter 2020 WGT Series (where we welcomed the Scots for the first time) and AG competitions with IRL National champions from North and South.  A big thank you to Clifton Coffee who have been involved from the very start. We’ve also been lucky to work with Welsh Triathlon and Triathlon Scotland, and welcomed JOOV Sports on board in the latest series (Winter 21/22).




On this page you’ll find all previous series results. There are also links below to get involved on Strava, social media* etc, and to sign up. Happy racing!

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WGT #6: Winter Series 2022/23

Starts December 2022 – first Zwift fixture: Saturday 17th at 1005 GMT

WGT #5: Winter Series 2021/22

  • Full results (Excel)
  • Overview: As always, the goal is to invite new faces and mix things up as much as possible – we don’t want anyone getting complacent. This series was no exception, with new faces on the top 2 steps of the men’s podium. Congratulations to everyone who raced the series and kudos to those who defended their crowns.    WGT series memento: WGT branded buff.
  • Top club: Carmarthen Tri Club
  • Overall Women:
    1. Laura Kent – Perth Tri Club
    2. Catrin Brown – Carmarthen Tri club
    3. Sarah Attwood
  • Overall Men:
    1. Adam Whittaker – White Rock Tri
    2. David Cole – DC Triathlon
    3. Ben Goodfellow – Wrecsam Tri
  • AG Women:
    • Louisa Middleditch / Ffion Caines – DC triathlon (20-29)
    • Ashleigh Jolly – Perth Tri Club (30-39)
    • Laura Kent – Perth Tri Club (40-49)
    • Adele Francis – Celtic Tri (50-59).
  • AG Men:
    • Ben Goodfellow – Wrecsam (20-29)
    • David Cole – DC Triathlon (30-39)
    • Oliver Simon – ATAC (40-49)
    • Dave Williams – Celtic Tri (50-59)
    • Paul Haslam – Perth Tri Club (60-69)
    • Ian May – Pentland Triathletes (70-79)

WGT #4: Spring Series 2021

  • FULL RESULTS  (Excel)
  • Overview: The first Age-Group based competition. From the 9 age categories contested, the Scots were victorious (5 – 4). This was also the series with the 80km iTT and 2 outdoor running rounds. First WGT memento : fuctional sweat towel….all that work for a towel!
  • Women:
    • Ashleigh Jolly – Perth Tri Club (30-39)
    • Laura Kent – Perth Tri Club (40-49)
    • Tracey Williams – Celtic Tri (50-59).
  • Men:
    • Alex Kindred (20-29)
    • Matt Anthony – Swansea Vale Tri (30-39)
    • Robert Harrison – Monifieth Tri Club (40-49)
    • Dave Williams – Celtic Tri (50-59)
    • Paul Haslam – Perth Tri Club (60-69)
    • Ian May – Pentland Triathletes (70-79)

WGT #3: Winter Series 2020 / 2021   

  • FULL RESULTS  (Excel)
  • Overview: The Scots join the competition as the 2 triathlon nations go head-to-head. Carmarthen Triathlon Club take top step in the club competition, with their top-Zwifter Matt Blue winning the A cat men. In the women’s competition, Emily Marchant (B) (Swansea Vale) dominated the racing and completed the clean sweep of wins across bike and run.
  • Men:
    • B Stephen Connolly (Strathclyde)
    • C Markus Pieterse (Swansea Vale)
    • D Darren Gilbert (Trilloydy).
  • Women:
    • C Sarah Wills (White Rock)
    • D Rachel Gabb (Celtic Tri)

 WGT #2: Summer Series 2020

  • Women’s (Excel)
  • Men’s (Excel)
  • Teams (Excel)
  • Overview: This was the one with the famous 4.5 Sisters Reverse route, and a finish on the Champs Elysee! The series was race category-based and also included the first ever Welsh Triathlon Virtual National Champs event!
    • Women: Celtic Tri.
    • Men: NEWT.
    • Combined: Cardiff Tri.
  • Individual women:
    • A Beckie Comins (SWifters)
    • B Rhian Roxburgh (GOG)
    • C Rosie Davies (CardiffTri)
    • D Katja Empson (WhittleFit)
  • Individual men:
    • A Rhys Jones (Trizone)
    • B Daniel Taylor (White Rock)
    • C Thomas Amery (NEWT)
    • D David Manley (NEWT)

WGT #1: April 2020

  • GC men final (Excel)
  • GC women final (Excel)
  • Overview: It took a global pandemic to kick-start the WGT. Back then we weren’t sure what was to come with the virus, whether face-masks worked, or how many lockdowns there would be. One thing was for sure though…Zwift got VERY popular and was 100% safe. The first ever WGT fixture was the Bologna 8km TT. A strictly Welsh affair back then, and time-based like a grand tour, the North dominated the men’s and women’s competitions:
  • Men’s
    1. Ben Goodfellow (Wrecsam Tri) 7hr 43
    2. Joe Beech 7hr 45
    3. Ben Lloyd (Wrecsam Tri) 7hr 57
  • Women’s
    1. Frances Owen (Wrecsam Tri) 8hr 44
    2. Rhian Roxburgh (GOG) 9hr 09
    3. Rosie Davies (Cardiff Tri) 9hr 55
  • Men’s Team Competition
    1. Celtic Tri
    2. Cr@p Tri
    3. Cardiff Tri
  • Women’s Team Competition
    1. Cardiff Uni Tri Club
    2. GOG
    3. Cardiff Tri