WGT Winter Series 2021 / 2022

Welcome to the WGT Winter Series…..2nd edition.

After a fruitful summer racing season outdoors, we’re heading back to the virtual world to end the year in race-mode.  It’s sure to be as fierce as ever, as the competition resumes between the Scots and the Welsh, the Saltires and the Dragons, with a little outdoor running thrown in for good measure.  Sign up here to take part in the ‘comfort’ of your own garage / shed / pain-cave.

Racing kicks off on 11th December 2021!

This is an 8 round competition, comprising 6 Zwift cycling rounds and 2 outdoor running rounds. You must complete 5 out of 8 rounds to qualify overall. There will be OVERALL and AG classifications. Prize details are below. There will also be a couple of warm-up races to get everyone back in the swing of things.


Winter Series fixtures:

All Zwift cycling fixtures are on Saturday at 10:05 GMT. Links to the races will be emailed out in the week before each fixture. Races will last between 30 mins and 2hrs in total. There will be both mass starts and time trials. Runs will be flexible.

The series kicks off with 2 rounds in December – a testing 40km bike TT and a short, sharp 5km run.

Zwift Fixtures:

  1. 11 Dec 2021 : RGV, France : 40km TT** (draft disabled, mass start)
  2.  8 Jan 2022 : Volcano Circuit, Watopia : 5 laps ~ 21.8km. Short and Sweet (Mass start)
  3.  29th Jan 2022 : VenTop, France : 19km @ 8% : Hill race (Mass start)
  4.  12th Feb 2022 : Wandering Flats, Neokyo : 45km Flat and fast (Mass start)
  5.  26th Feb 2022 : London Pretzel : 56km (Mass start)
  6.  12th Mar 2022 : Rider’s Choice finale

**If you are unable to make this first TT fixture, there will be a chance to do it the following Saturday too

Running Rounds:

These can be completed any time during the calendar months below. Register a result by email with any of the following: parkrun result link, cropped 5km Strava activity, timed track session (must be timed by stopwatch, by someone else – ideal for a 2-group club track session)

  1. December 2021 : 5km # 1
  2. March 2022 : 5km # 2



These will be awarded for the following age categories, and everyone completing  5+ rounds will qualify for some functional WGT merchandise:

Overall Men’s and Women’s : 1st, 2nd and 3rd

AG Men’s and women’s 1st place : U20, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

Teams and Nations Competing to have your name on the club’s trophy


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