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Date for your diaries: WGT Winter Series 2022 / 2023 will start in December, with the first Zwift fixture on Saturday 17th : Climber’s Gambit, Watopia.

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Final results of the 2021/22 Winter series can be found here : Excel – Winter 2021/22

12th & 19th March 2022: Rounds 7 & 8 : iTT Neokyo All Nighter & 5km Run TT

Saturday: Today was the first of three race options for the iTT – the final bike round in the winter series. Many of the big names put down markers in the men’s and women’s fields. Congratulations to all those who raced, and thanks to Perth Tri, Scotland, for choosing such a great TT course.



26th February 2022: Round 6: London Pretzel

Great racing by everyone this morning. That was a tough outing around the roads of London.

Zwift power results here.

WGT Round 6 LondonPretzel provisionals


12th February 2022: Round 5 results

So so glad I said that was a MOSTLY flat route! Great racing out in Neokyo today. 

Check out the Zwift power results here.


10th February 2022

WGT returns this Saturday with 45km of racing, taking in the (mostly) flat roads of Neokyo.
We’re into the second half of the Winter Series now, with 3 bike rounds and one 5km run remaining. Every point counts!

Winter Series Round 5:  Wandering Flats

  • Sign up here: https://www.zwift.com/uk/events/view/2756958
  • Starts at 10:05 – get on the start line early to warm-up and ensure all your tech is working
  • It will be a mass start, power-ups enabled, drafting enabled. Choose an aero bike/wheel combo.

Race well!


26th January

Congratulations to those who completed the stage up virtual Ventoux today. That was a toughie!!

Check out the Zwiftpower results here


26th January

Round 4 of the WGT is this coming Saturday, 29th, at 10:05. The hors category Ven-Top awaits: 20.9km. 1539m.

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21st January

*Postponed* Sunday’s outdoor Bwlch ride, due to ice risk. There is a plan B for all of you wishing to prep for Ventoux.

Road to Sky race: Sunday 0910 : Sign up here


8th January 2022

Congratulations to everyone who raced the 2nd bike fixture today. 5 laps of volcano was always going to be high-powered chaos!

Zwift power results link

Round 2 VOLCANO provisional


5th January 2022

HAPPY 2022 WGT Racers!!!  Fixture 2 on the bikes is this Saturday. 1005 GMT. 5 laps of Volcano circuit, power-ups enabled. Click here for the Zwift race link

Select an aero road bike and wheel combo from your Zwift garage and get well warmed up for the mass start!

Saturday morning combo: Zwift fixture is short and sweet, so easily tagged on to other training. RIDE ON!

28th December 2021

We’re lucky to have some great brands associated with the WGT. Click on the images below to check out the Winter Series sponsor’s online shops:

JOOV  Rejuvinate your muscles with their balms, sprays and hydration products. Developed by athletes, for athletes.

Clifton Coffee  They don’t just sell ground coffee and beans. Check out their collection of brewing equipment to get the perfect cup of coffee.


Tredz  Check out their great deals, including £229 off the Elite Direto XR, now just £600


27th December 2021

Happy Christmas WGT Team! I hope you’re all enjoying the festivities and extra bank holidays. Just a little reminder that there are just 4 days remaining to log a 5km run time for December. Here are your current standings in the club-house:


18th December 2021

Round 1 BIKE is COMPLETE. Congratulations to everyone who completed the 40km iTT. Provisional results will be in your inboxes shortly.

Zwiftpower link

16th December 2021

We’re very pleased to welcome Tredz Bikes on board as our final series sponsor!

They will be rewarding the BEST 4 BIKE rounds, both AG and overall.

15th December 2021

3 days until the catch-up TT fixture. Click here for the Zwift race link

Remember to select a TT bike from your in-game garage, as drafting is disabled. If you did the TT last week and would like to watch the racing unfold, here are details on how to FAN-VIEW.

Saturday morning combo: Why not register a 5km parkrun and then watch the Zwift racing unfold!


11th December 2021

Winter Series 2021 is GO!!

Well done to everyone who completed the 40km iTT, especially those racing on Zwift for the first time.

Note: Results will remain provisional until the catch-up event is completed next Saturday (18th).

Remember, the December 5km run round is still *LIVE*. Register your times by email. Have a strong December!

Zwift power results link

R1 Provisional Results (Excel)


8th December 2021

READY TO ZWIFT?  The long wait is over! You can now sign up to the first bike fixture of the Winter Series. Click the pink link below. Draft is disabled. Remember to select a TT bike in-game, from your garage.

Saturday 10:05: 40km iTT : RGV, France

1st December 2021


The Winter Series officially kicks off today. You can log a 5km outdoor run any time in December. Full details of how to do this will be on email, these being your main options:

  • parkrun result link
  • cropped Strava activity (this can be part of a longer session or race)
  • group track session

Happy running!!


28th November 2021

Congratulations to those who raced the final practice event before the winter series kicks off. A great morning for Carmarthen and team Blue!

Volcano Climb (30km) results are here: ZWIFT POWER

TOP 3’s:

  1. Matt Blue (Carmarthen Triathlon Club)
  2. James Addie (East Lothian Tri Club)
  3. Alex Kindred


  1. Nerys Blue (Carmarthen Triathlon Club)
  2. Rachel Gabb (Celtic Tri)
  3. Debbie Hannah (Celtic Tri)


23rd November 2021

Final winter practice race is this coming Saturday at 1005:

30km with 1 ascent of the Volcano KOM.

Sign up here

17th November 2021

We are very pleased to have Clifton Coffee supporting the WGT Winter Series again. They have been with us since the very beginning. 

Clifton Coffee roasters…  Sourcing, roasting and supplying the worlds finest specialty coffees





6th November 2021

Congratulations to everyone who raced the second Winter Series practice race this morning. 4 laps of the  Innsbruckring provided some great racing! This time it was the Welsh who took top spots in the men’s and women’s, with Keith Tannetta (Cardiff Tri) and Beckie Comins (Dragon Tri) at the sharp end. There’s time for one more practice before the series kicks off in December.

Click here for Zwiftpower results


29th October 2021

  1. *Extra chance* Opening weekend 40km iTT c/o RGV France. If you can’t make the main fixture on Dec 11th, there will be a second chance to register a time, the following Saturday. (For those who love TTs and would hate to miss out).
  2. Sign-ups: Still over a month to fixture 1, but I’m delighted to announce that the majority of the Spring Series AG winners have already signed up for the Winter ’21 Series. Furthermore, we have some big names/winners from previous series also on the start roster. Goodfellow, in. Marchant, in. R. Jones, in. Blue, in…. Aim: We want all the big fish in one WGT pond.
  3. There will be a prestigious club’s trophy up for grabs this winter. Will it be staying in Wales or heading up North?


24th October 2021

Scots take the top spots at the first Winter Series practice race:

  • Robert Harrison (Monifieth Tri Club)
  • Laura Kent (Perth Tri Club)

Zwift power results here


21st October 2021

The first winter practice race is this coming Saturday at 10:05. We’re heading to the Big Loop in Watopia (43km). A chance to check all your tech is working correctly, to practice your race starts, your drafting, and to climb the epic KOM. Ride on!

Sign up to the race here

19 October 2021

Instagram / social media : new dedicated account: wgt.racing use #wgtracing in your posts

14 October 2021

Very happy to welcome Joov Sports Products on-board as a Winter Series partner. They will be supplying goodies for our AG winners and overall podiums. They specialise in hydration, muscle balms and sprays to keep you in tip-top racing shape! Check them out here: https://joovproducts.com/

11 October 2021

With exactly 2 calendar months until the first Zwift round of the WGT Winter Series, entries are now open!!!

Click here to park your bike/turbo on the start line.

6 October 2021

Rumour has it that the Winter Series will contain Ven Top (Zwift’s carbon copy of Mount Ventoux), as one of the 6 Zwift rounds. It’s going to be shared climbing pain, on one of France’s epic ascents.



30 Sept 2021

We’re back! It’s time for the WGT Winter Series 21/22 – get a sneak peak here



10 Sept 2021

The final prizes from last year have almost all been collected. If you’re still due yours, check your emails and get in touch.




Proceedings kicked off with a short, sharp, Crit-style race in LaGuardia. We saw 19 new riders taking part and some big, big power numbers! The current individual and team leaderboards are below:



Round 6 –  Results after 6 rounds

Individuals: A-category men are currently led by Matt Blue of Carmarthen tri club, with a strong chasing pack on his tail. Can they catch him? B-cats have seen two dominant displays in the series from Emily Marchant (SVT) and Stephen Connolly  (Strathclyde Uni). Podium spots are still up for grabs. Top of the women’s C-cat is super-close between Sarah Wills (White Rock) and Natalie Richards (Cardiff Tri). Markus Pieterse leads the men for another SVT top-step. It’s a Taff Ely affair at the top of women’s D-cat, between Helen Colley and Gail Osbourne, while Darren Gilbert (Trilloydi) leads the men.

Teams: The engraver has already gone to work with the virtual team trophy. Man City Carmarthen have bossed the top end of the racing with some impressively low points hauls. Congratulations CTC 🏆. The podium is still undecided though, with NEWT and SVT in a prime position, followed by Cardiff Tri and WhittleFit, with Cr@pTri leading the chase pack. Perth continue to lead the Scottish clubs.





Round 3 – Bigger Loop – 28th Nov – Leaderboards after 3 rounds

Bigger Loop, bigger course, bigger challenge. It was the longest fixture of the winter series so far, including the first ascent of the Epic KOM and it certainly split the field.

Emily Marchant (Swansea Vale) continued her winning spree at the top of the women’s field, with Nerys Blue (Carmarthen) and Beckie Comins (SWifters) taking the other podium steps. Meanwhile in the men’s field, Keith Tannetta (Cardiff Tri) secured top spot, ahead of Osian Williams (Carmarthen) and Robert Harrison (Monifieth).

There was close racing in all the other categories, but it was the team competition which really got a shake up:

Carmarthen and NEWT still look strong on the top steps of the podium, but it was a shuffling of the deck for the chasers – brought about by strong 3rd rounds from Swansea Vale Tri and WhittleFit.

Perth performed well on the Bigger Loop course to lead the Scottish teams, ahead of Ayrodynamic and Montrose. Still very early days, so it’s all to play for – keep fielding those 5 riders to qualify for team points over the festive break.


Round 2 – Douce France iTT – Nov 14th – Results after 2 rounds

After the frenzied starts and drafting action in round 1, the Winter Grand Tour served up a test of individual cycling ability, with a 35km rolling time trial. Pacing proved critical.

Great to see some early rivalries being formed on the virtual roads between Welsh Triathlon and Triathlon Scotland. For more info on fixtures, rules and entry, click here.

Individual category leaders after 2 rounds:


  • Luke Sullivan – NEWT / Wales


  • Emily Marchant – Swansea Vale Tri / Wales
  • Stephen Connolly – Strathclyde Triathlon Club / Scotland


  • Lindsey Jones – Caerphilly Triers / Wales
  • Mike Bessell – White Rock Tri / Wales


  • Paula Dawson – GOG Triathlon Club / Wales
  • Gareth Yeoman – NEWT / Wales



Round 1 – London 8 – Nov 7th – WINTER results after 1 round

The Winter Grand Tour kicked off on the virtual roads of London with 41km of Zwift racing in total. This incorporated 2 laps of the London 8 loop, including the infamous local climb. Super racing by everyone from both Welsh Triathlon and Triathlon Scotland.

As with most Zwift racing, the starts were fierce, there was drafting aplenty and the two ascents of Box Hill provided plenty of battles and splits in the field.  A special mention to those who were racing for the first time on Zwift.

Here are your early category leaders:


  • Luke Sullivan – NEWT / Wales


  • Emily Marchant – Swansea Vale Tri / Wales
  • Stephen Connolly – Strathclyde Triathlon Club / Scotland


  • Sarah Wills – White Rock Tri / Wales
  • Markus Pieterse – Swansea Vale Tri / Wales


  • Paula Dawson – GOG Triathlon Club / Wales
  • Tom Wills – White Rock Tri / Wales




23rd August 2020

WGT Summer Series, FINAL PODIUM standings below:


Full team standings (Excel)


  1. Celtic Tri
  2. GOG Triathlon Club
  3. Cardiff Triathletes


  1. NEWT
  2. White Rock Triathletes
  3. Cr@p Tri


  1. Cardiff Triathletes
  2. Cr@p Tri
  3. GOG Triathlon Club



Full women’s standings (Excel)


  1. Beckie Comins – SWifters
  2. Pippa Cave-Ayland – Cardiff Tri


  1. Rhian Roxburgh – GOG Tri
  2. Mared Dafydd – GOG Tri
  3. Cat Brown – Celtic Tri


  1. Rosie Davies – Cardiff Tri
  2. Sara Morgan – Taff Ely Tri
  3. Catherine Colleypriest (Cr@p Tri) and Lindsey Jones (C-Triers)


  1. Katja Empson – WhittleFit
  2. Rachel Gabb – Celtic Tri
  3. Hannah Burton – Cardiff Tri



Full men’s standings (Excel)


  1. Rhys Jones – Trizone Fitness
  2. Matt Blue – Carmarthen Tri Club
  3. Dave Williams – Celtic Tri


  1. Daniel Taylor – White Rock Tri
  2. Luke England – WhittleFit
  3. Mike Slack – Pembrokeshire Velo


  1. Thomas Amery – NEWT
  2. Tim Scott – NEWT
  3. Rich Kelly – Cr@p Tri


  1. David Manley – NEWT
  2. Ian Jenkins – White Rock Tri


10th August 2020

WGT Summer Series: Individual standings after 5 rounds:

With just one round remaining in the series, there are still 5 categories of the 8 to be decided, so the last race in Paris really will matter…..and it will also be flatter! Let’s see one final summer blast of racing on Zwift.

Congratulations to the following who have sealed their places at the top of their race categories:

B. Rhian Roxburgh – GOG

C. Rosie Davies – CDF TRI

D. Katja Empson – WHITTLEFIT

See full standings below. It’s nice and simple to identify your rivals are now – if they have a shaded grey square in the “Total” column it means they have, or can, still score the 4 results to qualify for the overall series. If you’ve already completed 4 or 5 you should not let your guard down though – a strong final round will seal your place and deny your rivals getting those all important low scores.

Womens Individual after Rd5 (Excel)

Mens Individual after Rd5 (Excel)

Team Standings after 5 rounds (Excel)



8th August – Welsh Triathlon Virtual National Champs : Well that was a hot one! Congratulations to all those who raced the WGT Summer Series Round 5. It was not only the first ever Welsh Triathlon Virtual National Champs, but it also felt like the hottest day of the year. The hill finish was particularly cruel…and unplanned. Well done to everyone just for surviving that race! For full Welsh Triathlon age groupings / titles – click here.


1st August:  WGT Summer Series: Individual standings after 4 rounds: (A reminder that it’s your best 4 scores from a maximum 6 to count. The nature of this scoring means you need to really push the last 2 rounds, regardless of how many results you have banked. The lead can change very quickly!).  Your current ‘hot seat riders’ are below, based on form and rounds completed:

Womens Individual after Rd4 (Excel)

Mens Individual after Rd4 (Excel)

Cat A : Beckie Comins, Grace Kinnell, Matt Blue, Wilf Goodfellow, Sion Kelly,

Cat B : Rhian Roxburgh, Luke Watson, Matt Colley

Cat C : Rosie Davies, Tim Scott

Cat D : Katja Empson, Jason Brown


August 1st: 3R Volcano ‘shortie’ race – 6 laps

With a mass start, flat course and power-ups enabled, there was never going to be any taking it easy with this one. Great racing and drafting practice….and the inevitable sprint finishes.

WGT shortie race Volcano (Excel)


July 25th: WGT Summer Series Round 4 : 3R Road to Sky (Alpe du Zwift)

What can we say about that one???!! Fantastic battles on an epic climb – Alpe du Zwift….not to mention some super high heart rates! Congratulations to everyone who completed round 4.

Strava King of the Hill: Sion Kelly  38:33

Strava Queen of the Hill: Rhian Roxburgh 46:55

Category winners:

Cat A : Sion Kelly , Beckie Comins

Cat B : Rhian Roxburgh , Luke England

Cat C : Rosie Davies , Sam Downes

Cat D : Katja Empson , Ian Jenkins

SS rd 4 Road To Sky provisional results (Excel)


WGT Summer Series: Individual and club standings after 3 rounds: (A reminder that it’s your best 4 scores from a maximum 6 to count. Make sure you take this into account when eyeing up your rivals). GOG triathlon club jump up to the top step of the podium in the women’s competition, with just 4 points between P1 and P3! In the men’s NEWT continue to lead the way with a strong week at the TT. Cardiff Tri remain on top in the combined competition, but it’s all still to play for as we’re only half way!

Women’s Individual (Excel)

Men’s Individual (Excel)

Club standings after 3 rounds (Excel)


July 18th: WGT ‘shortie’ : LaGuardia Loop – 10 laps – 29km

The final July shortie was a Crit-style race in NYC. Congratulations to those in racing action:

WGT LaGuardia July 18th (Excel)


July 11th: WGT Summer Series Round 3 : 3R 40km TT c/o Tempus Fugit, Watopia.

With drafting disabled, a mass start, and a flat course there was nowhere to hide this morning! Congratulations to all those who pedalled into the pain zone this morning. There was great racing across all Cats and even some sprint finishes thrown in. Special kudos to our overall winners: Grace Kinnell (Cardiff Uni Tri Club) and Matt Blue (Carmarthen Tri Club).  Nice to see our men’s Grand Tour winner, Wilf Goodfellow back on the bike and racing too. Round 3 40km TT results (Excel)

Category winners:

Cat A : Matt Blue (Carmarthen Tri Club) , Grace Kinnell (Cardiff Uni Tri Club)

Cat B : Daniel Taylor (White Rock Tri) , Beckie Comins (SWifters)

Cat C : Chris Adams (SWifters) , Rosie Davies (CardiffTri)

Cat D : Jason Brown (Cr@p Tri) , Katja Empson (WhittleFit)


July 4th: 3R Watopia Hilly Reverse ‘shortie’ RACE – it may have been a smaller WGT field due to L’Etape Du Tour, but it was still fast, fierce racing on the roads of Watopia, with a few lumps thrown in for good measure. Great racing by everyone. Your category winners on the day are below: full results here > WGT Watopia Hilly Reverse (Excel)

Cat A

Matt Blue – Carmarthen Tri Club

Cat B

Craig Brindley – NEWT

Claire Walters – Port Talbot Harriers

Cat C

Bleddyn Ewards – CardiffTri

Caryl Wills – Bynea CC

Cat D

Tom Wills – White Rock Tri

Rachel Gabb – Celtic Tri


July 3rd: Here are the updated team standings after 2 rounds of the Summer Series. It’s proving to be a very close competition with every point counting. Teams are really going to be rewarded for fielding consistently strong squads in all 6 rounds (remembering it’s the best 4 results scoring).  Cardiff Tri and NEWT currently edging ahead in the women’s and men’s respectively, with Cardiff Tri leading the combined too.


29th June: Category Leaders after 2 rounds

The WGT Summer Series is now in full swing and we’ve seen some great racing so far. We are 2 events into the competition and these are your current category leaders (based on average scores). It’s your best 4 results from a possible 6 to count, so there’s still time to get involved, just contact your tri club captain or send me an email. The July rounds see participants take on a classic 40km flat TT  and a brutal hill assault up the Alp. Happy racing!

Cat A

Rhys Jones – Trizone Fitness

Helen Jenkins

Cat B

Matt Colley – CardiffTri

Claire Walters – Port Talbot Harriers

Cat C

Tom Amery / Tim Scott  NEWT

Milly Kipling – CardiffTri

Cat D

Dan Molcher – WhittleFit

Katja Empson – WhittleFit