WGT events on Zwift… sign up here!


All important WGT race info goes out by email, so being on the WGT mailing list means you won’t miss a thing.  Signing up to the winter series is super-simple and comprises just 2 steps: Email + Payment as follows:

  1. Email Henryku.oc1653149748.liam1653149748toh@g1653149748ninia1653149748rt.ss1653149748entif1653149748 with the below information (example):

    • Name   Helen Green
    • DOB and your AGE (as it will be on 31 Dec 2021)    10/10/78   ,   43
    • Tri Club (see “Who can take part” below)   Powys Tri Club
    • Body Weight (your pre-racing, morning state)    68kg
    • Turbo Trainer model / power source     Tacx Flux 2
    • FTP – if known     195
    • email address    ku.oc1653149748.eert1653149748neerg1653149748@nele1653149748h1653149748
  2. Entry to the Winter Series is £15 – payment details will be sent out once you’ve supplied the above info. A small admin fee is taken from this, but most of the entry fee goes back into the competition for prizes and mementos. If you won your age group in the spring series, you get free entry, but still need to complete step 1 above

Other important pointers:

  • BODY WEIGHT . Please monitor and check your weight figure is correct in Zwift. This is your clothed, pre-racing, fuelled/hydrated weight. Checks will be made later in the competition. Let’s keep things as accurate as possible on this one.
  • Zwift Power – riders must be signed up to Zwift Power  This links your Zwift account to ZP for results. You need to add the letters “WGT” somewhere after your name so we can track your results post-event. You only need to do this once. (It doesn’t matter what your in-game Zwift name is, you just need the suffix on Zwiftpower).
  • Race Cats A-D / AG banding   ALL abilities and ages are welcome! Please read the race rules carefully and enter the correct category based on your Watts/KG. If you’ve never raced on Zwift before it would be a good idea to complete a few short ‘test’ events. During AG-ranked series there will be mass starts.
  • Sign up to Zwift events using the Companion App – links will be circulated in the week before the event, and on social media
  • Who can take part? Individuals and Club athletes are welcome. The rules on who can enter these series are not super-strict, but broadly* speaking you must “identify yourself as a Scottish or Welsh multi-sport athlete”. *Note: As the WGT series have evolved and progressed, we have attracted some English / international friends, and will continue to welcome these while capacity allows.
  • Safety – Whilst you’re fairly safe on your turbo, please look after yourselves and consider the following:
    • Use a fan to keep your core temp down (you’ll also race better)
    • Tell someone you’re racing and keep a phone handy
    • Ensure you’re well hydrated before each race, and take on extra for longer races
    • Don’t race if you feel chesty or feverish. Covid-aside, there are many other winter bugs about, and Zwifting at a high intensity isn’t the kindest thing to do to your immune system
    • If you have any underlying medical issues, and you’re in any doubt about your fitness to race, you should consult your GP before taking part
    • These races are in the public domain, so you are participating at your own risk

… once you’re happy with all the above you can focus on the exciting bit – the racing!

Ride on and enjoy the competition!

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