Wattbike Performance Testing

Not all stationary bikes were created equal.

The Wattbike is a professional static bike which can accurately provide you with an array of data, especially power and pedalling efficiency. Once we have this data, it can be used to fine-tune your training programme and refine the cycling componenet of your plan.

  • accurate data
  • comprehensive tests
  • technique refinement
  • bike set-up fine-tuning
  • the best indoor bike on the market
  • a must for cyclists and triathletes


Performing tests is physically demanding and should only be undertaken if you have a clean bill of health from your GP. Once we have the Wattbike test results we use these to both design training sessions (for your development), and also to make a re-test more accurate. Happy Watt-biking!
(Graph above is HR data for 20′ FTP test – following a thorough warm-up protocol. The entire session lasts nearly 90 minutes).
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