“FROM OLD MAN TO IRONMAN”    –    Chris Bloodworth, 2018 95_m-100842837-DIGITAL_HIGHRES-2242_080556-21004951

I started my triathlon journey with Henry 3 years ago at the tender age of 55!

I first met Henry at the Vale Resort and subsequently started training with him. From someone who in the early days could not swim a full length in the pool (as I was not breathing correctly), to not knowing whether I was in the right gear on my bike – Henry has had his work cut out coaching me.

However, he has successfully coached, guided and supported me on my journey from entering my first super sprint, sprint, Olympic distance, several half ironmans and my final goal – completing Ironman Wales in 2018 – even waiting at the finish line to make sure I crossed it to hear the commentator say ‘Chris Bloodworth You are an IRONMAN’.

It is fair to say I am not his typical client and I can be very challenging and have to be pulled in by Henry when I get carried away booking too many events. Throughout this time, he has maintained his sense of humour and sanity (just about) in coaching me to achieve my goals.

The Journey and friendship still continues and I look forward to working with him in 2019 as I have entered a few more ½ ironman events plus Outlaw Triathlon (full distance) which we are both competing in … I will wait for him at the end!!!!

Onward and upwards… the journey continues…


“I started pIMG-20141005-WA0006ersonal training with Henry 18 months ago and set three goals: I wanted to lose 2 stone, get to an average fitness level and develop toned arms like Michele Obama. In fact I have lost over 3 stone, taken up running, boxing, lifting weights and now wear sleeveless dresses. Training with Henry has made all the difference because he ensures that I set regular goals and provides constant encouragement and support throughout the week. His training sessions are incredibly varied and fly past, as they focus on whole body workouts and provide a great balance between high intensity tests, balance and strength work. I didn’t realise the gym could be so much fun or that I was capable of changing my whole attitude to personal fitness until I started personal training.” Karen, Cardiff 

2017…and Karen has now completed her first marathon (London)






“I’d al_MG_8385_fbways wondered: Why have PT when I’ve been a member of a gym for a few years? Then I had my first session with Henry (about 3 years ago). The ideas he gave me, the goals we set (including weight loss, more muscle, running PBs), and the enjoyable/challenging sessions meant that I was now out of my comfort zone and training smarter.
3 years on and the sessions are still fresh, constantly changing and worthwhile to my overall fitness. We review my goals on a regular basis and then aim to achieve and beat them, then re-assess the next ones – it’s always a moving challenge.
My running has significantly improved since training with Henry – I’ve broken my marathon PB 3 times in 18 months, now achieving the times I was previously dreaming of and running consistently. I wouldn’t have achieved this without Henry’s advice, PT sessions and support.” Phillip, Cardiff

2014…Phillip has completed his first sprint triathlon, knocked over 6 minutes off his half marathon PB and broken his 5k running PB 5 times!!

….roll the clock on 3 years to 2017 and Phillip has made big steps forward on the road bike – with a successful ascent up to Lluc Monastery, Mallorca.




“I worked with Henry as my personal trainer in October 2012 until I left Cardiff in March 2013. During that time, I lost three stone, and my body felt more toned than it had in years. I should say that I’m a 50 year old woman so that was no mean feat! Henry always pitched the sessions at the right level, they were varied and (mostly!) great fun. Henry is very professional and I would recommend him to anyone.”

Ann, Isle of Wight



“I started PT with Henry nearly 4.5 years ago, a complete novice to any form of exercise, I managed to get roped into a Half Marathon. With only 5 months to train I thought best to ask a professional for advise and I have to say I was overwhelmed by the support and training provided. What I got with Henry was a complete life-changing experience. From reviewing my eating habits and writing up a complete nutritional plan to building up confidence in myself and the goals that I could achieve. The support was well beyond the PT hour, with out of hours training plans (even tasks during my holiday) but also matching you up with others for team exercises.
My attitude towards exercise soon changed from dread and necessity to the most enjoyable experience and activity in my life. It is so rewarding to constantly try new training techniques, new equipment and challenges and you end up feeling so positive and enthused to keep going and keep succeeding.”

Laura, Cardiff