Running and Triathlon Coaching

Looking to push yourself with a new challenge? Why not try  an event? There are loads to choose from, including running, cross-country, obstacle course racing, duathlon, triathlon and adventure racing.

Henry has extensive experience training and racing in all the above disciplines (see trainer profile). He is keen to pass on his knowledge and to help get you prepared for your next event, whether you’re a total beginner or an elite athlete.

What you can expect:

  • a breakdown of your event into it’s specialist components
  • bespoke training plan using Training Peaks software – tailored to your fitness level and lifestyle
  • detailed sports nutrition plan
  • goal-setting – targeting your main events and bridging your training towards these
  • strength and conditioning to keep you strong and reduce your risk of injury
  • regular fitness assessments to plot your progression

I’d always been intimidated by the thought of doing a triathlon, but in 2006 one of my friends convinced me to do a sprint event, and from there the seed was sown. It’s a great sport to get involved in and it’s also healthy for your body with the wide variety of training. Now I’ve completed two iron distance triathlons – racing for over 11 hours, swimming, cycling and running a marathon to finish. There is no better feeling of achievement.