Here are some questions that people frequently ask about personal training and fitness, but if you still have queries please don’t hesitate to contact me:


Q. What is personal training?

It’s not just about fitness and gym work. It’s the complete package: Having someone in your corner who will make your training sessions efficient and progressive, but also looking into your lifestyle, nutrition and wellbeing to make you stronger, fitter and happier.

Q. Isn’t it just celebrities that have them?

I train a wide variety of clients from a wide variety of backgrounds with an even wider variety of lifestyles. People are people, just like you or I and we can all benefit from this specialist service. There are also flexible ways to train, like having sessions in a pair.

Q. I’m already fit, why would I need a personal trainer?

Variety, progression, technique, challenge yourself. The list goes on. Small changes to exercise regimes can make a massive difference and it’s often the people who have been exercising regularly that benefit the most.

Q. I don’t think I can afford a personal trainer, are there options?

There are always options, like having express 30-minute sessions, or training in a pair or small group, brining down the cost but keeping the motivation up.

Q. Does it matter what my goals are? I don’t like running.

Not at all. There are endless ways to incorporate activity into your life. If there are things you don’t want to do that’s fine.

Q. Will you shout at me during our sessions?

No…there are much more effective ways to motivate people. I only shout in spin classes.

Q. I have an injury, can I still train?

Depending on your injury, there are usually things you can work on, or ways you can modify your training to accommodate your injury.

Q. How long until I see results? Can you guarantee them?

Work in = results out. If you sustain those small changes you WILL see results.

Q. Where do you do the training sessions?

I do sessions in the gym (U-Fit), at home or outside.

For more information just drop me a line or call me on 07796 855 325