Athlete profile

My history and background – what motivates me?

My passions are triathlon, running and outdoor sport. I’ve always had an interest in training, being active and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. I like having a target event to train for and to keep me motivated. I’d always been intimidated by the thought of doing a triathlon, but in 2006 one of my friends convinced me to do a sprint event, and from there the seed was sown. It’s a great sport to get involved in and it’s also healthy for your body with the wide variety of training.

My 2016 goals:

  • Cotswold 24hr SOLO run
  • Storm the Castle duathlon
  • Tiree Ultramarathon
  • Long Course Weekend – 112 mile bike

Current Personal Bests:

Ironman triathlon 11hr 25

Marathon  2hr 46

Half-marathon  1hr 15

10k  33:54

5k  16:19

My full race results can be found here.