5 Top Tips for Endurance Races

With just days to go until the Cardiff Half Marathon, here are my 5 top tips to enhance your race-day experience –┬áremember to practice your race routine in advance:

1. Run NAKED…..well almost. You want to be carrying as little excess baggage as possible: Wear a non-cotton running vest (if it’s a cold morning warm-up wearing a bin-bag then discard), wear minimalist lightweight running shorts, your normal socks and trainers, and that’s it. No flappy t-shirts, no under-layers, no 2 litre bottles of Evian, no tights, no bumbags, no ipads, no phones, no music players.

2. Taping and CHAFING: I thought better of posting any images here, suffice to say there is nothing more painful than your post-race shower, only to find some of your skin missing – even if your language is usually polite, you will curse like never before. This experience is easily avoided: lubricate anything that’s going to rub, don’t wear cotton and apply tape over your nipples. The joys of running.

3. WARM-UP for at least 10 minutes (including light dynamic stretches and mobility work) – if you’re dressed as a rhino or a knight in armour this isn’t as important, but if you’re hunting for a running PB you should be sweating on the start line.

4. HYDRATION and a happy belly: In the week leading up to the event, drink water frequently, avoid caffeine, added sugar and alcohol. In terms of pre-race food, you need to find something that works for you, ideally not too high in fat or fibre – rice and fish are personal favourites.
Leave at least 2 hours before breakfast and the start. If you’ve prepared well in the week leading up to your event you will need
very little out on the course.

5. ENJOY the event: soak up the atmosphere, thank as many marshalls and supporters as you can, smile (if you’re able) and plant
those high 5s down the finishing straight.

Leave it all on the road.