Tri Bryn challenge

Tri bryn (Three Hills)

Winter is on the way, and it’s time to make the most of those dry, crisp, clear days. And what better way to keep warm on the bike, than to challenge yourself on the roads, and more specifically the hill climbs of South Wales. No more software crashes, no overheating, no calibrating your turbo, no Zwift updates…this is just you and your bike against gravity!

** November update ** Round 1 kicked off with 3 climb segments in August and we’re now into the autumn/winter portion of the challenge: segment 4 is Eglwysilan, located north of Upper Boat : Strava segment  This one is short and sweet, with gradients topping 20% but an average of 7%, so pacing is key. Don’t forget to enjoy the views!

Due to Covid and the lack of a CX winter season, this challenge will now extend over the winter months, so there’s still plenty of time to get involved. There will be 6 segments in total. Happy climbing!

***2020 COVID update : Due to local lockdowns, this challenge has been extended so everyone gets a chance to register times on all the climbs***

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Current standings / ‘Clubhouse Leaders’

Prizes will be awarded for the overall top 3 and AG winners. Men’s and women’s:

  • 17-29 Senior
  • 30-39 Master
  • 40-49 Vet
  • 50-59 UltraVet
  • Vet 60+



There will be 2 rounds to the competition:

  • Round 1 will kick off on 29th August and extend into round 2 (below) so everyone has a chance to register their best times without time or weather pressures
  • Round 2 (with new segments) will run from mid November to early spring 2021, pending festive restrictions

Each round will see riders battle it out over 3 specially selected hill segments (Round 1 segments are below).

These can be ridden as many times as you wish, provided they are solo, non-assisted efforts (no ebikes, chain gangs, mopeds etc). They do not have to be ridden in the same day, but you must complete a time for all 3 to proceed to round 2.

All you need is a bike and a Strava account.



Simply find the segment you rode, click on the share icon (above diagram) and email to  ku.oc1615126017.liam1615126017toh@g1615126017ninia1615126017rt.ss1615126017entif1615126017  Please include your name and your club in the emailTimes must be submitted within 48hrs of completion (this is to avoid ‘stock-piling’ of results until the last day of the round – this gives us a dynamic leaderboard and more competition).

Regular updates, team standings and leaderboards will be broadcast on social media, using the hashtag #tribryn (a link will follow here when the first times are logged).

The all-important segments


  • A: Bwlch (from Ogmore Vale, to Treorchy) (4.47mi, 4% av, 1,033ft) KOM 16:43 QOM 21:39 Strava segment link
  • B: Graigwen Climb, to Llanwonno (4.56mi, 5% av, 930ft) KOM 17:14 QOM 19:39 Strava segment link
  • C: The Tumble climb (2.52mi, 9% av, 1139ft) KOM 11:34 QOM 14:19 Strava segment link

Tip: Research the segments thoroughly as many climbs have multiple segments on them, with different start and finish points. Your effort must be logged on Strava – use your most reliable GPS device (or take a backup) to ensure you log the segment.

How will the results compare to those in Watopia?? Get your non-Zwifting friends involved! It all kicks off on Saturday August 29th.

Remember to fully check your bike if you’ve not ridden it for a while – if in doubt get this done by a trained mechanic or British cycling ride leader. Push the inclines, not the descents and ride within your own limits.  Happy climbing!